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Hate us, It'll only save us

Stronger then we came up, We are leaving it all

21 December

I love music and those that I have met because of it! ♥

Love me or hate me... it's still an obsession....


"steadfast", 29 times!, a 4 dollar bill, a oh k, alex deleon, alex johnson, alex marshall, antm, aquatic aladdin, band boy food runs, bass, bassists, books, boys, boys named alex, brian jones, bryan dawson, bsb, cablets greater then spongebob, cabs surprises, cabulous las vegas, cameron dettman, can keep a secret, cash and alex band, cash colligan, cash money, chris bryant, cream bracelets, cream team adventures, cream team chat, cream team fangirls, dexter tanner, dj cash money, drummers, drums, eskimo kisses from cabs, fbr, goldfish, guitar players, guitars, happy october, head trauma boy, hiding bandboy in hoodies, hitting on hannah, hot band boys, hot musicians with tattoos, i miss your face, ian crawford, jace stagg, jizzle, jizzle face killah, keyboradists, las vegas, let's make babies, lex's army, lip rings, little piece of home, local bands, local shows, marshall productions/designs, marshall threads, music, musicians, ninja, no me gusta, noodles&co., one-on-one guitar serenades, penguins, play for keeps, remain the same, shirtless band memeber memo, singers, strawberry pop tarts, summit grove, sunglasses, sunshine, tattoos, the cab, the cream team, the local music scene, thirtizzle, to our favorites, unlv, video shoots, vitamin water, walmart, whisper war, you bit him?